Kitchen without compromise

Kitchen without compromise

The Tavern

Osteria Badalì is a new project by Nicola Schioppo deliberately rooted in an unconventional place in Florence: in the heart of San Niccolò, and outside the tourist circuits, where experience becomes authentic and Florentines find themselves living art, history and tradition. Far from the mass culture and the elite kitchens, Osteria Badalì has its feet “in the earth”, mindful of substance, in a simple and refined environment. The location with the double entrance, from Via dei Renai and Via San Niccolò, can remind you of a hidden corner of Paris.

The Distinctive Sign

Badalì’s kitchen does not accept compromises.
It is rigorous, straightforward, with strong flavors. Without innovating or revisiting, it tickles the sphere of memories through the most authentic recipes of Tuscan tradition. A borderland where to escape and find oneself, in close contact with the customs and procedures of the past made of lslow cooking and precise and contrasting flavors.

A Kitchen without salt, cupboard without bread, cellar without wine, is a bad morning!

Nicola Schioppo

“You start cooking again!”. Promise kept by Chef Nicola Schioppo who had made an appointment with other fires. Interpreter of tradition, with the same determination, we find it among these stoves in the heart of Florence. His imprint is simple and without frills. Look at the past without distorting the substance without doing research of innovation at all costs. Just as it was once done, the chef wants to propose an experience in the kitchen of collective gastronomic memory.

In vino veritas

Sangiovese wine here is at home. It is an extraordinary expression of our Tuscan nature. In Tuscany there are the biggest DOCGs.( Denomination of Origin, Controlled and Guaranteed) We believe, with a certain pride, “sangiiovesisti” per excellence.

Wood Grill

The crackling of wood on the grill is a noise that evokes memories making it the star of the Osteria’s kitchen. By highlighting the real flavors of the meat on the grill you can perceive hints and scents of the wood used. Every day the grill cooks rigatino, bardiccio, sausages of cinta, the Florentine and much more. An uncompromising experience.

Osteria Badalì

via dei Renai 11r , 50125 – Florence

+39 055 226 4422


Closed on Mondays
Tuesday – Sunday
19:00 – 22:30
Open for lunch on Sunday
12:00 – 15:00