• Nicola Schioppo

    Direct, rigorous and authentic cuisine


Nicola Schioppo began his adventure in the kitchen in 1994, abandoning his medical studies and pursuing his passion. The Osteria de ‘Benci in the center of Florence was its trampoline, a training workshop for its cuisine characterized by simplicity, genuineness with an almost maniacal attention to traditions. With the famous Capocaccia opens one of the most entertaining brackets of his professional life. Initiator of the fashion of the aperitif and the sunday brunch stands out as a character in Florentine catering.

Careful researcher in the continuous search for culinary roots.
Nicola is the interpreter of this immense baggage received and memory of a kitchen of the past in which no frills were paid to the substance.

The following years saw him far from Florence, in the continuous search for new stimuli between Los Angeles, London and Paris, collecting numerous culinary experiences. In 2008 the birth of the Osteria Cipolla Rossa project and in the summer of 2017 the experience overseas in the cuisine of Trattoria Da Gigi in Long Island.

Osteria Badalì

via dei Renai 11r , 50125 – Florence

+39 055 226 4422

Monday – Sunday
18:30 – 23:00
Open for lunch on Saturday and Sunday
12:00 – 15:00